After much prodding (nagging actually) from my older sister I have started this blog – thereluctanttreehugger. It is for all of us newbies to the world of becoming self sustainable and interested in reducing our carbon footprint – one step at a time.

I live in a small, rural, tree hugging town and have worked as an environmental driller, a reporter, a courier….the list is endless…

My house is an old century home that was shabby long before it became “chic”, on a large double lot with an amazing old barn, that one day, I hope to open as a market for produce, preserves and funky repurposed treasures.

I live here with a young, to-smart-for-her-own-good neurotic German Shepherd – Lucy, a cantankerous toy poodle – Enzo, my senior citizen Cairn Terrier – Bean and two cats. One that belongs to my son and he will find packed in his suitcase on one of his visits home and my old girl Paddy – who loves rye and coke and catnip (a bit of a substance abuse problem there)

And of course the raccoon – that lives in the barn – and has a penchant for concord grapes : /


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